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Carbon Composites

Carbon Composites for Industrial Use

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  • Use of composite materials allows production of stronger, lighter, durable products. 

  • Continuous improvements in production processes and reduction on production and raw material costs enable many new industries to use carbon composite materials.

  • As KORD Industrial we develop products with high mechanical properties for applications demanding superior products or light weight.

Applications require high torsional strength - Radial braiding and HP-RTM 

  • Radial braiding is one of the best production methods for application involving high torsional loads

  • 75% weight reduction comparing to metal alternatives

  • Enables higher rpm which leads to higher maximum speeds

  • Suitable for any application such as drive shafts, propeller shafts etc,

Light weight profiles from carbon composite

  • Pultruded profiles from carbon composites

  • Pull-Braiding technology for profiles requiring load bearing from multiple dimensions

  • %80 weight reduction comparing to metal alternatives

  • Reinforcement in construction and other applications where wide span is required

  • Suitable for use as machine parts with wide span and moving parts

Design, development and production of composite parts

  • Development of custom parts with respect to the area of use.

  • Use of various composite production methods 

    • Braiding, Filament Winding, HP-RTM, Vacum infusion