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Carbon Composite


Handle Bar

  • The handlebars made of carbon are more comfortable and durable than other products, thus providing a driving advantage for users who aim to provide high performance in roads and races.

  • 100% carbon

  • Avarege weight: 192g



  • The T3 series, which is carbon and aerodynamic, minimizes contact with the air while driving and provides a more comfortable driving pleasure.

  • Due to its aerodynamic structure, it provides a great advantage to the user for long and fast driving.

  • 100% Carbon

  • Aerodynamic design

  • 1.05kg avarege weight



  • The LCR series, produced with carbon-mesh technology, ensures a comfortable driving pleasure with high quality and lightness, creating a safe and trouble-free driving environment.

  • Because it uses carbon materials in its staff, it is an ideal race-road bike for long and fast driving.

  • 100% carbon.

  • Average weight 1.05 kg

Sele Borusu-cover.jpg

Seat Post

  • Seat post produced by carbon mesh technology attract attention with lightness and visually.

  • It is easier to adjust and control thanks to its double screw

  • %100 carbon

  • Avarege weight: 213g

Karbon Jant-cover.jpg

Carbon Wheels

  • High-temperature and friction-resistant wheels offer the driver an advantage, minimizing air resistance and high performance while driving.

  • Carbon wheels with high friction resistance provide long driving possibilities.

  • 100% carbon

  • Avarege weight 1500~2000g